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May 24, 2012
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Sansa's life stages by SingerofIceandFire Sansa's life stages by SingerofIceandFire
Sansa's stages in growing up and becoming AWESOME :D

1) She's an 11 year old girl, innocent to reality and understands the world the way it is written in her stories and songs

2) She learns reality the hard way :( she loses her whole family, stuck in a miserable marriage with an abusive family. But she's holding on and being bad ass and making unlikely allies :D

3) Alayne Stone! She's learning the game from the master himself! But Littlefinger better be wary, I hope she doesn't let him kill Robert, if she does she will truly lose her Stark/Tully roots! Family, Duty, Honour: hope somewhere Sansa is still alive and kicking waiting for her turn :D
I'm hoping she kills Littlerfinger by outsmarting him; like Obi Wan and Anakin!

4) Sansa's queen :D hoping she'll be queen of the whole of Westeros by marrying Aegon! I want her to be RULING queen a bit like William of Orange and Mary II
it pisses me off that some people actually hate Sansa.  She does the best she can while battling depression and a variety of abuses.  In the first book alone her mother's creepy friend touches her face and hair in a way that makes her very uncomfortable, she sees her father get beheaded, gets molested by an old man, gets smacked around by a knight, gets threatened with rape and execution, has to look at her father's head, and gets smacked around by a knight again.  The only person who tried to help her through that ordeal was a big scary man with massive facial scar.

Speaking of which, I'm just a wee bit disappointed that she and Sandor Clegane didn't get very close.  
SingerofIceandFire Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014
amen to that :D
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